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Game-changing neuroscience wearable that alleviates stress, improves sleep, and increases focus.

TouchPoints™ basic are game-changing, non-invasive wearable devices that use neuroscientific technology to help you relieve stress, improve sleep, and increase focus in as few as 30 seconds.
After becoming a viral phenomenon and helping people around the globe experience calm with TouchPoints™ original, we decided to create a simpler model that features the same stress-relieving technology at a more affordable cost.
"Everyone can have access to stress relief, anytime and anywhere..." - HuffPost

"Could be the first step towards a drug-free solution to stress..." - Mashable

TouchPoints™ help to:

1. Reduce Stress
2. Increase Focus
3. Improve Sleep
...all in as few as 30 seconds

How do they work?

Let's break this down into three steps:
  1. Reduce Body Sensations: When you think of something stressful, you get an associated body sensation - think stomach butterflies or tightness in the chest. Touchpoints™ users report over 70% reduction in body sensations within 30 seconds by altering the body’s stress mechanism.
  2. Shift Fight or Flight Response: When you're stressed, the fight or flight part of your brain (sympathetic nervous system) engages. TouchPoints™ shifts you into the logical, rational part of your brain (parasympathetic nervous system). Now when you think about something stressful, it doesn't seem as stressful anymore.
  3. Create New Neural Pathways: When you think of something stressful without a body sensation and while in the rational part of your brain, you create a new neural pathway that is neutral to positive. This has a lasting effect in your brain reducing stress over time and is why TouchPoints™ were derived from one of the only successful treatments for PTSD.

TouchPoints™ Use Cases

  • GENERAL STRESS: Many of our customers use TouchPoints™ regularly for general stress in their day-to-day lives. General stress can affect not only one's mental, but also physical well-being. TouchPoints™ help restore a peaceful and healthy mind and body.
Case Studies show over a 90% reduction in stress headaches, increase in quality of sleep, and increase in productivity with use of TouchPoints™.
  • SLEEPLESSNESS: TouchPoints™ utilize proven Bi-Lateral Stimulation technology to help you fall asleep as well as go back to sleep if you wake up in the middle of the night. Proven to physically block the body's stress response by reducing beta activity in the brain and allow you a more restful night.
Case Studies show 30 minutes faster sleep onset without the need for sleeping pills as well as an 80% reduction in wakefulness.

What's Included

  • 1 set of TouchPoints™ basic (2 individual devices)
  • Clothing clips
  • Charging cables
  • Watchband couplers (watchbands sold separately)
  • Linen carrying bag

Or try out TouchPoints™ original

Our original, best-selling product is a more robust model which offers six pre-settings for calm, focus, sleep, anger, performance, and cravings. It is also highly customizable and app-controlled.
  • 1 set of TouchPoints™ original (2 individual devices)
  • Clothing clips
  • Charging cables
  • Watchband couplers (watchbands sold separately)
  • Linen carrying bag
  • TouchPoints™ app

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