YAYTRAY - The World's First All-In-One Kids Eating Tray

By viralsumo - 10:57 PM

                                           All-In-One Kids Eating

No more messy eating! Clean, convenient, clever. Bring the joy back into family mealtimes!

Yaytray Opened

Yaytray Closed

Through endless hours of field-trip perceptions, the 3 brave makers watched that the present dietary patterns of youngsters beneath the age of 3 years of age can frequently be sudden and unruly. This regularly turns into a startling and awful experience for first-time guardians, particularly when feasting out. 

The whole procedure begins with guardians packing various packs or holders worth of sustaining mechanical assembly when they go out, which winds up being to a great degree massive. Spoons, forks, bowls, and different utensils are altogether kept and stuffed independently, which makes the whole procedure extremely jumbled and confused. 

The genuine feast time is no less difficult. Nourishment spills are normal, which makes colossal wrecks. This is because of the way that a few dishes have high focus of gravity and have a tendency to topple effortlessly. Guardians regularly need to keep an eye out for toppling bowls while having their dinners, which influences the whole feast to time extremely upsetting. 

In conclusion, pressing up to pursue the dinner is the last migraine. All the different utilized utensils must be cleaned or pressed in numerous plastic packs, previously they are altogether stuffed into an effectively massive sack before they can go.

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