ZuperDAC-S, Zuper Charge Your Music

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A True Portable HiFi DAC For Music Lovers. Smaller, Better and Just Sounds Good.

We love music, for it is part of our life. Improving the music experience will no longer be subjected to expensive upgrade and impact on mobility. ZuperDAC-S is a true portable HiFi USB-DAC that is easily affordable and can bring the best live music to you anytime, anywhere. Digital to analog conversion changes binary 0 and 1 to actual sound waves. Make sure you get this part right to bring the best out of your high quality earphones.

Digital to Analog, Why It Matters

Digital to analog conversion is the process of turning binary 0 and 1 data into actual sound waves. If the conversion is not good, the use of even the best headphone or speaker won't help. Unfortunately, in your phone and computer, this is always the weakest link. ZuperDAC-S bypass this internal conversion and get back the awesomeness to you.

Bit Perfect, What You Listen is What Is Recorded
Due to the limitation of the DAC subsystem inside your phone and computer, original music recording may need to go thru sample rate conversion and introduces distortion. ZuperDAC-S support bit perfect audio up to 192kHz and requires no sampling rate conversion, thus delivering the authentic recording with no loss in translation. (Screen capture from USB Audio Player Pro app above with and without using ZuperDAC-S)

True Portable and Battery Free

Unlike other USB-DAC products which are bulky and need to recharge. ZuperDAC-S is so tiny and weighs less than 10g. You can carry and use it anytime without the worry to charge up first. Your phone and computer store all your music collections and connect you to other music sources. With the addition of the ZuperDAC-S, it readily turns your phone and computer into a HiFi music studio.

Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication

Using just simple line and curve combined into an amazing outline.  We used aluminum for the chassis material to give the best protection and texture.  There are 3 chassis color options, namely  silver, gray and red.  With the black color volume keys, it generates an overall 2 tone color scheme.

One ZuperDAC-S Fits All

ZuperDAC-S comes with 3 cables for USB-A, Micro-USB and USB-C interfaces. That means you can use the ZuperDAC-S in different platforms by just changing a cable. ZuperDAC-S support USB Audio Class 2 communication and is compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS systems. For Windows users, please install our USB Audio Class 2 driver to take advantage of the capability beyond Windows provided (only support USB Audio Class 1).

So Easy, Just Plug and Play

Using ZuperDAC-S is easy. Pick the right cable for your interface choice (USB-A, micro-USB or USB-C), connect the micro-USB end to ZuperDAC-S and the other end to your phone or Apple Lightning to USB Camera adapter cable for the Plug in your earphone at ZuperDAC-S, that's it. For iPhone/iPad, you will need the Apple Lightning to USB Camera Adapter for the interconnection.

Installation & Usage
Android 5.0+ supports USB DAC through OTG natively. Yes, just plug and play will do. No installation is required when using Zorloo ZuperDAC-S on Android Smartphones. Same apply to Microsoft Windows 10 on PC / laptop. Windows will install the required software driver for you. All thanks to built-in USB Audio Class 2 that support like operating system like Mac OS X, Ubuntu LTS and Raspberry Pi. For your info, ZuperDAC-S consumes around 95mA per hour. Yes, 20mA lower than previous generation. Well done, Zorloo. But still, your mobile devices battery life will shorter when using it. Do take note.
Overall, ZuperDAC-S performs outstanding for early bird price @ $45 at Indiegogo (retail price is $79). Highs are clear and crisp. No harshness while still analytical. As for mids, vocals for both female and male sound organic. Warmer than normal mobile devices which sound cooler at time. Bass is the star if you own previous gen. Heavier and fuller yet in control. Songs like Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean, Beat It and Black or White surely perform well here. Soundstage is wide. Sound separation and layering are decent. No issue to identify all the instruments’ placements on songs like Arcason by Candido Camero and Oh by Dave Matthews. However, it is not as wide as previous gen which I prefer – spacious soundstage. Give and take for better bass on ZuperDAC-S…
  • Balanced sound signature
  • Great clarity and transparent
  • Nice details retrieval
  • Decent soundstage & imaging
  • Multiple platform support
  • Ultra portable and lightweight
  • Excellent build quality
  • Extra adapter is needed for iOS devices
  • Narrow soundstage (when compare to previous generation)
It’s no-brainer to buy Zorloo ZuperDAC-S at Indiegogo $45 early bird price. Enjoy ESS Sabre 9018Q2C balanced sound signature, clarity and transparent. Perfect for your mobile devices with slimmer design and hardware volume buttons. Do check out Zorloo ZuperDAC-S Campaign at Indiegogo for more information. And get yours there.
P/S – ZuperDAC-S is my current DAC on my laptop. Beats built-in sound chip any time…

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